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    Uncover Your Options

    Informed decision-making is only possible when members are aware of all available options. ActiveRADAR identifies those options.


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    Uncover Your Options

    Our proprietary technology and market-based reference pricing creates choice architecture, facilitating cost-effective and medically-directed prescription decisions.


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    Uncover Your Options

    Members and plan sponsors benefit from data-driven, customized prescription options that reduce costs and increase value. On average, plan sponsors enjoy savings of over 20%.

Savings. Clearly Defined.

For Employers.

For Members.

For Consultants.

ActiveRADAR understands the challenges associated with the management of benefit spending. We create an environment of choice, empowering both employers and plan members.

Where step therapy and closed formulary models mandate and restrict choice and access, we offer real alternatives.

Discover the difference ActiveRADAR’s prescription program can make in reducing costs and increasing value.

Cost-Saving Benefit Solutions.


ActiveRADAR is a healthcare analytics and patient education company offering self-funded employers and their employees a smarter approach to prescription savings.

Even prescription plans that enjoy a high generic substitution rate can still benefit from our innovative prescription pricing program.

Connect with ActiveRADAR to find out what we can do for you.

We’ll Do… The Analysis.

You’ll… Save.

ActiveRADAR’s complimentary analytical service identifies the lowest cost, therapeutically equivalent, clinically appropriate drug for each individual member.

This actionable information, supported with comprehensive and engaging patient education, delivers immediate and ongoing savings.

Average Plan Savings of 20% with Savings Beginning Day 1!

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