Our ActiveRADAR Therapeutic Alternatives Service (AR-TAS™)

Take your Therapeutic Alternative Program to a new level by reducing drug spend
and increasing formulary compliance, medication adherence and member/provider engagement.


Our Clinical Catalog of over 29,000+ therapeutically equivalent “perfect pairs” is the
industry leading therapeutic alternative list across
over 125 therapeutic categories.

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ActiveRADAR’s Therapeutic Alternatives Service (AR-TAS) delivers formulary-specific and medically
accepted use-specific therapeutic alternatives for over 125 therapeutic categories along with
corresponding dosage strengths, quantities, and plan-specific member and plan costs (net of discounts).

Delivers the most cost-effective, clinically precise alternatives.

Identifies actionable, member-specific cost savings opportunities.

Up to15% to 20% of drug spend targeted for savings.

Evidence-based backbone that augments performance of clinical programs.

Powers RTBC engines to provides indication and dose-specific alternatives point of prescribing.

Member Portal / Prescription Drug Cost Checker enables member cost specific drug comparisons.

Provides a consistent, clinically verifiable source of therapeutic alternatives.

Forms basis for value-based reimbursement strategies.

Measures savings associated with therapeutic interchange programs.




for over 125 therapeutic categories with over 6,500 medications and 29,000+ drug pairs.

Most therapeutic alternative lists are simply based on AHFS therapeutic classes. Consequently, prescribers are presented

with clinically inappropriate alternatives. For example:


  • Clinically Precise
  • Each Alternative Paired According to its Guideline-based,
    Medically Accepted Use(s)

Not simply paired by AHFS categories; but aligned to
each drug’s medically accepted use(s). So, prescribers
can be confident that alternatives presented through
Real Time Benefit Check (RTBC) are truly viable and
clinically precise.

  • Supported by Rigorous Evaluation of Clinical Evidence and
    P&T Committee Review

Clinically precise therapeutic alternatives are key to
gaining prescribers trust which ultimately leads to broad
prescriber adoption of recommendations presented
through Real Time Benefit Check.

  • Medically Accepted Uses
  • Evidence-based Guidelines
  • Head-to-Head Clinical Trials, Outcomes Studies and
  • Adverse Effects, Contraindications and Warnings
  • Unique Features of each drug product
    ActiveRADAR’s P&T Committee of independent clinicians
    with specialist expertise enhances credibility and meets
    URAC and CMS standards.
  • Drug/Dose Specific Recommendations include Quantity

Enables RTBC system to generate a full prescription that
prescriber can simply sign. Making it super easy for
prescribers to adopt Lower Cost Alternatives

  • Plan Specific
  • Formulary Specific Alternatives; Align with Health Plan
    Rebate/Trade Agreements

Prescribers and members receive formulary-specific
alternatives which enhances adoption of low-cost

  • Health Plan Costs, Member Costs, and Total Costs net of
    discounts Displayed for up to

Four Therapeutic Alternatives
Most RTBC systems only present Member Copay
amounts. Ingredient Cost and Plan Cost help prescribers understand the full cost of drugs being prescribed
and those of potential alternatives. More informed decision-making leads to higher ad

  • Savings Reports
  • RTBC vendors have struggled to produce credible, quarterly
    scalable savings reports. Savings reports are built into
    ActiveRADAR’s service.
  • Savings is reported at Plan, Member and Therapeutic
    Class Level
  • ActiveRADAR Creates & Maintains Your Data File
  • Updated as Frequently as Needed for Your Internal Processes
  • Clinical Updates – each drug class is updated at least annually with ad hoc updates as needed.
  • Weekly Administrative Updates supported by MediSpan
    Roll-ins and Administrative Actions Process.

ActiveRADAR’s Theraputic Drug Classes